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Stockholm, 1971

at home in Sweden

with Dirk Bogarde and Luchino Visconti at Cannes film festival.

I think I posted this before, but this is a larger image size.

Anonymous asked: Hallo and best greetings from Germany. Do you have an idea how to get a video or just a trailer of "Bluff Stop"? I could not find any possibility to see this movie. Again thank you for this wonderful site! René

Hello and thank you!

I’m unable to find any video of this film either, however, here is the entry at the Swedish Film Institute:

I attempted to contact them about this film, however they say they are not involved with helping to locate films and they suggest one contact the production company or the distributor, which is listed there on the entry page.

However, I searched for it in the National Library of Sweden and there’s not a record of the film…http://smdb.kb.se/

And according to kamonets.jp, the movie played once on Swedish TV…hasn’t been seen since! I think it may be a “lost” film. Not technically gone, but probably only the producer/writer has a copy of it.

Anonymous asked: Even if he is older now... through his wrinkles and 'signed' face you can recognize his melancholical look... Real beauty never fades...Katia from Belgium

lovely words!

Björn in 2005

Tadzio by Varonael

Anonymous asked: what a beauty he is.. non ce ne può esistere uno più bello!!

( ̄o ̄v)ツ